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Virtual Patch Museum



  Many Point Scout Camp 
Virtual Jacket Patch Collection

Over the years, Many Point Scout Camp has had a number of different patches.  We have constructed a "virtual patch collection" for all to enjoy.  We will add to this collection as we receive new information and samples from Scouters that have been part of the Viking Council over the years.  Information for submitting patches or details

Note:  To reduce download time, the images shown on this page are of reduced quality (15-25KB).  Click on any of the images to bring up a 400 pixel wide scanned image  (50-60KB) or on the Original JPG link that has a source image about 800 pixels wide (160-200KB)

Jacket Patch
(Photochromic sky)
Jacket Patch
(Glow in the dark stars & 2000)
Jacket Patch

1995 Jacket Patch

Anniversary Patch
50th Anniversary Jacket Patch Original.JPG
Jacket Patch
Current Jacket Patch Original.JPG
Tower Completed

1993 Patch Commemorationg the completion of the Fire Tower next to the Administration Building

 Jacket Patch

1989 Jacket Patch

 Jacket Patch

1986 Jacket Patch

Jacket Patch

Patch from Jordan Zeller - 1980's

Segment Series

Jacket Patch
(Shown with all segments stitched together)

Multi-Patch Segments for each Camp.  Sewn together in this image.

Late 60's

Jacket Patch from the Late 60's - Scanned by Nick Spencer-Berger

Mid 60's

MPSC Jacket Patch of Mid 60's

Early 60's

Keith D. Kaiser,  Kansas City, Missouri - North Star District, Heart Of America Council -I bought this patch back in the mid 60's when I attended Many Point as a kid.  We built a bridge that year across a creek, which I understand was only taken down a few years ago. After the first log was put in place, we had a contest to see who could walk across the bridge first, because it was made of debarked logs which were very slippery this was quite a trick. Many, many boys tried but all fell into the river below, the day was getting late and it was announced the next person to try was the last, it happened to be me. So on what was actually my second attempt, I crossed the bridge. This won me a trip to the 'PX' (that's what we called it), this was a big deal because it was a good 10 miles from where we were. On that trip I bought this patch.

Original JPG
Late 1950's

1950's to Early 1960's Jacket Patch - Roughly 6" Diameter - Patch purchased at a sale in Texas by Everett Gibson.

Early/Mid 1950's

6" Jacket Patch with Protruding Feather - Scan by Nick Spencer-Berger.  Image has been touched up to repair frayed edges.  This is a more expensive patch than it's replacement due to the protruding feather and the extra thread color.


Shirt Pocket Patches

Activity Patches

Jacket Patches

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