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Sea Scout Group

To earn the Bronze Award for SEA SCOUT activities, complete the following requirements:

  • Ideals
    1. Give explanation
    2. History of flag
  • Active Membership
    1. Seventy-five percent attendance
    2. Complete quarterdeck training
    3. Recruit new member
  • Special Skills
    1. Boats
    2. Marlinspike seamanship
    3. Ground tackle
    4. Piloting
    5. Communications
    6. Time
    7. Swimming
    8. Cruising
    9. Safety
    10. Galley
    11. Sailing
    12. Work
    13. Electives. Do any three:
      1. Drill
      2. Signaling
      3. Compass
      4. Yacht racing
      5. Sailing
      6. Ornamental ropework
      7. Engines

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