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Venture Patrols/ Varsity Scouting / Venturing - 
The Differences in the Programs

  • A Venture Patrol is a sub-group within a Boy Scout Troop. It is part of the Boy Scout Division of BSA and all BSA rules apply.
  • Varsity Scouting is a program in a different type of unit within the Boy Scout Division of BSA.
  • VENTURING is a program within the Venturing Division of BSA.

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Unit Type Venture Patrols within Boy Scout Troops Varsity Scout Teams Venturing Crews &
Sea Scout Ships

Boy Scouts

Varsity Scouts

Venturers &
Sea Scouts


Boys 13-17

Boys 14-17

Boys and Girls 14-20

Adult Leader


Team Coach

Venturing Advisor &
Ship Skipper

Youth Leader

Venture Patrol Leader

Team Captain

Crew President &
Ship Boatswain


High Adventure
or Sports activities

Boy Scout program with high adventure / sports activities added.

Crew specializes in an area within outdoor / high adventure, sports, youth ministries, or arts & crafts


Tenderfoot thru Eagle (BSA Advancement), plus activity pins


Tenderfoot thru Eagle (BSA Advancement), plus activity pins

Bronze, Gold, Silver; Ranger

Apprentice, Ordinary,
Able, Quartermaster 
(Sea Scouts only)

Star, Life, Eagle & Palms (only boys under 18 who have earned First Class Scout in a Troop or Team).

Notes:  Some items are still confusing, but here goes:

  • The term "Venture Crew" is now called a "Venture Patrol."
  • There is no such thing as a "Venture Scout".
    • Members of a Venture Patrol are "Boy Scouts".
    • Members of a Venturing Crew are "Venturers".
  • The in-troop "Varsity Team" program no longer exists.  It has been replaced by the Venture Patrol.   "Varsity Teams" are no longer part of a Boy Scout Troop.


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