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About Roundtable

Roundtables provide all adult leaders with an opportunity to gain information on district programs and events, Scouting policy, training opportunities, and an opportunity to share experiences and enjoy fun and fellowship with other Scouters. Encourage all of your leaders to attend.

Functions of a Roundtable

The functions of a roundtable are to:

  • Provide unit leaders with the will to do: the morale, enthusiasm, inspiration, and vision that periodically renew the desire to carry on.
  • Provide unit leaders with the skill to do: skills, techniques, information, program ideas, and the know-how that makes a unit operation successful.

Where are Roundtables held?

Roundtables are held on the first Thursday of each month from September to May at the University Lutheran Church of Hope, 601 13th Ave SE, Mpls in the Dinkytown area. Roundtable Location Maps

Roundtable Staff

  • Kirt Boston / Kathy Hacmac - Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioners
    • Scott Johnson / John Grabow - Pack Administration Breakout
    • Kathy Hacmac /Matt Blessing / Bonnie Rowell - Webelos Breakout
    • Michelle Borne - Tiger/Wolf/Bear Breakout


  • Tom Baltutis - Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner

Cub Scout Roundtable Schedule 2002 - 2003

Month Program
September 5  
October 3 Kids Against Crime
November 7 Winter Wonderland
December 5 Strike up the Band
January 9 Uncle Sam Depends on You
February 6 Why Does it Do That?
March 6 Land of the Pharaohs
April 10 Lights, Camera, Action
May 1 Fun in the Sun
June 5 Roundtable Picnic

Boy Scout Roundtable Schedule 2002 - 2003

Month Program
September 5  
October 3 Promoting the Scout Program &            Removing a Volunteer
November 7 Managing Behavioral Problems & Recognizing Adults
December 5 Winter Program Ideas &                      Recruiting Webelos
January 9 Developing a Parents Guidebook &            How to Teach Scouting Skills
February 6 Recruiting Scouters &                         Motivating Advancement
March 6 Merit Badge Review & Retaining Scouters
April 10 Scouting Awards & Guide to Safe Scouting
May 1 Service Projects &                                   Planning the Troop Program
June 5 Roundtable Picnic

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