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  Lake Minnetonka District Leadership

redball.gif (967 bytes) Stay trained, be effective!  Check the Training Schedule

      District Chair Bob Strom
      (952) 473-2137 (H)
      District Vice Chair Jeff Pastir
      763-551-3762 (W)
      763-404-1737 (H)
      763-551-3710 (F)
      District Executive Sara Amberg
      763-545-4550 (W)
      District Commissioner Jeff Walton
      952-935-3367 (W)
      952-935-0409 (F)
      952-943-2064 (H)
      Asst. District Commissioner Herb Miller
        763-544-0082 (H)
      Asst. District Commissioner Julie Terpstra
      952-474-5092 (H)
      952-826-4500 (W)
      952-826-4671 (W)
      Asst. District Commissioner Dwight Crisman
      952-448-2687 (H)
      952-944-8550 (W) 
      Activities Chair Steve Fuchs
      763-591-9049 (H)
      952-938-6800 (B)
      Outdoor Chair Jeff Pastir
      763-551-3762 (W)
      763-404-1737 (H)
      763-551-3710 (F)
      Camping Chair Mark Ferguson
      (763) 557-6546 (H)
      Membership Chair Harry Fuchs
      952-472-5515 (H)
      Advancement Chair Judy Christensen
      952-476-7617 (H)
      Boy Scout Roundtable
      Jeff Pastir


      763-551-3762 (W)
      763-404-1737 (H)
      763-551-3710 (F)
      Boy Scout Training & General Steve Perry
      952-473-9284 (H)
      Cub Scout Training Rick Hendrickson
      952-475-9118   (H)
        Bob Janso*
      952-473-1711  (H)
      Cub Roundtable Commissioner Richard LaFountain
      952-448-5653  (H)
      952-368-3760 (W)
      OA Advisor Todd Ecklund
      952-472-5545 (H)
yellowball.gif (924 bytes) Click here for a revealing look at some of the past district leadership....

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