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Note:  Viking Council does not control, endorse or verify the information contained in any of the sites contained in these links.  Please be aware that while each of these sites are intended to be for the betterment of Scouting, there is no way for the Viking Council to fully audit each site.    Viking Council assumes NO liability for inaccuracies or content found in following these links.

*  National BSA *  Scouting History  and Traditions
*  National BSA Scout Shop Catalog *  Scouter Magazine
*  Official BSA Order of Arrow *  Merit Badge Research Center
*  National Scouting Museum *  Scout-o-rama
*  U.S. Scouting Service Project  
*  MacScouter Web Site  
*  Free Web space for Scouting units *  Global Scoutnet
*  Scouts on Stamps  Society International *  ScoutNet UK
*  The Pine Tree Web *  The InterNETional Scouting Page


*   Abraham Lincoln Council, IL *  Alabama-Florida Council, AL
*   Alamo Area Council,  TX *   Alapaha Area Council,  GA
*   Alohak Council, WV & OH *    Aloha Council, HI
*    Andrew Jackson Council, MS *   Arbuckle Area Council, OK
*   Anthony Wayne Council, IN *    Atlanta Area Council, GA
*   Annawon Council, MA  
*   Attakapas Council, LA *   Allegheny Highlands Council, NY
*  Bay Lakes Council, WI *  Black Hills Area Council, SD
*  Blue Mountain Council, WA *  Blue Ridge Council, SC
*   Blue Ridge Mountains Council, VA *   Blue Water Council, MI
*   Boston Minuteman Council , MA *   Bucks County Council, PA
*  Baltimore Area Council, MD *  Bay Area Council, TX
*   Buckskin Council, WV *   Buffalo Trace Council, IN
*   Boulder Dam Area Council, NV *   Buckeye Council, OH
*   Baden-Powell Council, NY *   Burlington County Council, NJ
*   Buffalo Trail Council, TX *   Black Warrior Council, AL
*   Cape Cod and the Islands Council, MA *    Capitol Area Council, TX
*   Caddo Area Council, TX *    Colonial Virginia Council, VA
*   Catalina Council, AZ *    Central Florida Council, FL
*   Calumet Council, IN *    Cape Fear Council, NC
*   Cascade Pacific Council, CA *    Central Wyoming Council, WY
*   Clinton Valley Council, MI *    Cradle of Liberty Council, PA
*   Capitol Area Council, TX *    Central Minnesota Council, MN
*   Circle Ten Council, TX *    Clinton Valley Council, MI
*   Cascade Pacific Council, OR *    Chester County Council, PA
*   Chicago  Area Council, IL *    Chickasaw Council, TN
*   Chatanooga Council, TN *    Cherokee Area Council, GA/TN
*   Chief Cornplanter Council, PA *   Cimmaron Council, OK
*   Costal Carolina Council, NC *   Costal Empire Council, GA
*   Columbia Monitor Council, PA *   Chief Seattle Council, WA
*   Chisolm Trail Council, TX *   Central Jersey Council, NJ
*   Central Wyoming Council ,  WY *   Comanche Trail Council, TX
*   Concho Valley Council TX *   Connecticut Yankee Council, CT
*   Conquistador Council,  NM *   Cornhusker Council, IA
*   Coronado Area Council,  WY *   Cradle of Liberty Council, PA
*   Crossroads of America Council , IN  
*   Desert Pacific Council , CA *    DelMarVa Council, DE
*   Daniel Webster Council, NH *    Detroit Area Council, MI
*   Dan Beard Council,  OH *    Daniel Boone Council, NC
*   Denver Area Council,  CO *    Des Plaines Valley, IL
*   Direct Service Council,  TX  
*    Erie Shores Council, OH *    Eastern Arkansas Council, AR
*   Flint River Council, GA *   Finger Lakes Council , NY
*   Five Rivers Council, NY *   Four Lakes Council, WI
*   French Creek Council, PA
*   Gateway Area Council, WI *  Georgia-Carolina Council,  GA
*   Gerald R. Ford Council, MI *  Golden Empire Council, CA
*   George Washington Council, NJ *  Greater Pittsburg Council, PA
*   Golden Spread Council, TX *  Grand Canyon Council, NY
*   Grand Columbia Council, NY *  Great Rivers Council, NY
*   Great Smoky Mountain Council, TN *  Greater St. Louis Area Council, NY
*   Greater Yosemite Council *  Greater New York Councils, NY
*   Great Salt Lake Council,  UT *  Great Southwest Council,  NM
*   Great Trail Council,  OH *  Great Trails Council,  MA
*   Greater Alabama Council,  AL *  Greater Cleveland Council,  OH
 *  Greater New York Council - Manhattan,   NY *   Greater New York Council - Queens,  NY
*   Greater New York Council - Brooklyn,  NY *   Greater New York Council - Bronx,  NY
*   Greater New York Council - Staten Island   NY *   Greater Western Reserve Council OH
*   Greater Yosemite Council,  CA *   Green Mountain Council,  VT
*   Gulf  Coast Council,  TX *   Gulf Ridge Council, FL
*  Hawk Mountain Council, PA *  Hiawatha Seaway Council, NY
*  Hawkeye Area Council, IA *  Hiawawathaland Council, MI
*  Heart of America Council, MO *  Housatonic Council, TX
*  Heart of Ohio Council, OH *  Hudson Liberty Council, NJ
*  Illowa Council, IA * Indianhead Council, MN
*  Indian Nations Council, OK * Istrouma Area Council, LA
*  Jersey Shore Council, NJ *  Jayhawk Area Council, KS
*  Katahdin Council, ME * Knox Trail, MA
* Keystone Area Council, PA *
*  Longhorn Council, TX *  Lincoln Trail Council, IL
* LaSalle Council, IN *  Long Beach Area Council, CA
* Lake Huron Area Council, MI *  Longhorn Council, TX
* Last Frontier Council, OK *  Longs Peak Council, CO
*  Lincoln Heritage Council, KY *  Los Padres Council, CA
* Marin County Council, CA *  Minsi Trails Council, PA
* Maui County Council, HI *  Mississippi Valley Council, IL
* Mecklenburg County Council, NC *  Mobile Area Council, AL
* Mid-America Council, NE *  Monmouth Council, NJ
* Middle Tennessee Council, TN *  Monterey Bay Area Council, CA
*  Mid Iowa Council, IA *  Mount Diablo-Silverado Council, CA
*  Midnight Sun Council, AK   *  Mountaineer Area Council, WV
*   Milwaukee County Council, WI *
*  Narragansett Council, RI * Northern Lights Council
*  National Capital Area Council, MD * Northwest Suburban Council, IL
*  Netseo Trails Area Council, TX * Northern Lignts, ND
*  Nevada Area Council, NV *  Northern New Jersey Council, NJ
*  North Florida Council, FL *  Northwest Georgia Council, GA
*  Northeast Georga Council, GA *  Northwest suburban Council, IL
*  Northeast Illinois Council, IL *  Norwella Council, LA
*  Northeast Iowa Council, IA *
*  Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, PA *
*   Old Baldy Council, Ontario, CA *   Orange County Council, CA
*   Otetiana Council, NY *   Okaw Valley Council, IL
*  Occonnocchie Council, TN
*   Pacific Skyline Council, CA
*    Sam Houston Area Council, TX *   Santa Clara County Council, CA
*    South Florida Council, FL *   San Francisco Bay Council, CA
*  Tidewater Council, VA *  
*   Ventura County Council, CA *   Viking Council, MN

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The web site is a legacy site of the Viking Council BSA, now Northern Star Council.  
This site was the original council site and was active from 1996 to 2002 and run by volunteers.  As the web became more important to Scouting, the council took over with paid staff.  This site is no longer maintained but is an interesting snapshot of an early Scouting web site.    You can share your comments
using our on-line form or send a message to the Webmaster.   Thank you for visiting!


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