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87% - Programs & Services

Viking Council BSA
Registered Scouts:

Cub Scouts - 16,030 registered
      (7-10 yr.)
Boy Scouting  - 6,833 registered
      (11-18 yr.)
Venturing  - 1,364 registered
      (14-20 yr.)
Learning for Life  - 20,991 reg.

Total of 45,218 registered youth

Total Youth Served - 69,000
Total of 901 Scout units

  • Cub Scout; Boy Scout; Venturing; Learning for Life & Exploring Programs.

  • Special Programs: Jamborees,
    Klondike Derby, Recognition Dinners, Camporall and much more.

  • Youth Outreach; Scoutreach,
    Special Needs, Juvenile Diversion,
    Learning for Life.

  • Scholarships for youth members.

  • Community Service Programs:
    Scouting for Food, Drug Awareness, Youth Protection Training.

  • Support in establishing new units.

  • Provide camper insurance for Units at council and sponsored events.

  • Monthly Roundtables.

  • Training for volunteers:  Fast Start, Basic, Wood Badge

  • Training for Youth Leaders: Pine Tree, etc.

  • Maintenance services and improvements for (3) Major Scout Camps owned and operated by Viking Council.

  • Community Public Relations.

  • Trained staff to support the Council, Districts, and Unit

6% - Administration

  • Maintenance of Scout Service Center - administration of offices, secretarial support, and accounting-disbursement and control of accounts receivable and payable. Annual audits by an independent auditor.

  • Maintenance of equipment, computer hardware, copy machines, typewriters, label machines, and printing etc.

  • Books, pamphlets, program helps, and visual aid materials.

  • Produce council bulletins to inform leaders of events and programs.

  • Council web site.

7% - Fundraising

  • Friends of Scouting supplies and support.

  • Product sales coordination and support.

  • Grant writing.

  • Special Events.

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The web site is a legacy site of the Viking Council BSA, now Northern Star Council.  
This site was the original council site and was active from 1996 to 2002 and run by volunteers.  As the web became more important to Scouting, the council took over with paid staff.  This site is no longer maintained but is an interesting snapshot of an early Scouting web site.    You can share your comments
using our on-line form or send a message to the Webmaster.   Thank you for visiting!


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